How To Play AVI Files With Windows Media Player

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One of the advantages of installing Windows operating systems on your computer is that it provides you unlimited number of features.  Most of the windows operating systems have a simple user interface and can be easily worked with. In addition to the simple interface, Windows operating systems provide numerous features to the users. The operating system is preloaded with many programs so that users do not have to look for other sources.

One such program that is available by default on the system is the Windows Media Player. With this program, you can enjoy music, videos etc. As this comes preinstalled with the operating system, you need not download a third party program from the internet for playing your music files. Now, Windows Media Player is not capable of running all video formats. For instance, the program will not run AVI files by default. According to Windows online support, it requires you to download the necessary codec package and install it to make the program run AVI files. In this post, we will find out how to download the Codec package and install it on your computer.

Steps Involved

  • Open any of the internet browsers in the computer and open any of the search engines like Google. Search for the Free Codecs website and from the search results, launch the website.
  • Search for K-Lite Codec package in the website.
  • You will find two download links, which are for Standard and Full version installations.
  • If you want to watch only AVI files, then the Standard version will be sufficient. In addition, Full version is aimed at the advanced users who wish to encode the files. Therefore, select the Standard link.

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  • A new window with the title Save As will come up with the above step. You may choose any location to save the file. It is advisable to choose the Desktop, as the file can be easily accessed from there.
  • Once the download completes, go to the file location and double click the file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the program on the computer.
  • Once the installation finishes, restart the PC.
  • Go to the location of any of the AVI files in the computer and right click it. Choose the option Open With and then select Windows Media Player. The video file will open on the media player.

For further assistance on Windows problems, you may contact Windows online support or our technical support team.

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Microsoft Rolls Out Custom Windows OS Preview For Intel Galileo Board Owners

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Microsoft has lately started encouraging the hardware hackers to design smart computing devices that run on the latest Windows OS preview. The report says that the preview OS has expanded availability and options to be customized. Microsoft has invited all the owners of Intel’s Galileo board to take part in this during the campaign.

According to a recent report published in its blog, Windows online support desk said that the tech giant has availed a proof-of-concept version of Windows OS that made use of the capabilities of Galileo board to the optimum level for the project. Tech savvy users and enthusiasts who wanted to do things differently all on their own could benefit extensively from this new project. Microsoft had offered a similar customization option for its Windows OS preview in the past but it wasn’t accessible to all Galileo board owners. The new project will be made available to all owners of Galileo board.

Galileo board owners concerned about the project

Meanwhile, some of the Galileo board owners expressed their concern over the availability of Windows preview OS to their devices. Their concern was based on a recent fake report that said only the owners who purchased their Galileo boards from Intel would be able to get the customizable OS. But, Microsoft has said that the new project does not differentiate between customers who bought the board from Intel or third party vendors.

Customizable OS a non-commercial version of Windows 8.1

It has been reported that the customizable OS preview that owners of Intel Galileo board would get will be a non-commercial version of Windows 8.1. Through this innovative project, Microsoft wants to have maximum number of internet based services and sophisticated electronic gadgets on the Windows platform. The initial response about the project from customers all over the world has been positive so far- a report observes.

Windows Os Preview

                 Windows Support Desk

Preview image designed to inspire developers

The preview image itself has the potential to inspire developers and makers of Windows based devices and services- a report by Windows online support desk indicates. It says that the image takes developers to search and find out new opportunities to conceive new ideas and put them all into practices. Furthermore, it calls the developers for sending their feedbacks to Microsoft based on their experience.

Since the Windows 8 failure, Microsoft has been making progressive changes in its approach to futuristic programs and projects. And most interestingly, the tech world has welcomed the move.

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Should Your Organization Start Upgrading Windows 7 OS

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Microsoft has set January 14, 2020 as the last day for support for one of its all time favorite operating systems, Windows 7. Even though many of you might feel that 2020 is a long way to go, some of the industry experts say that large organizations must start upgrading to a newer operating system at the earliest.

The Vice President of Gartner, Stephen Keynhans says, “Microsoft recently ended support for Windows XP and even though the end date was set in 2007 based on a life cycle support policy Microsoft introduced in 2004, many organizations were not able to completely eliminate the OS by the deadline. Nearly a quarter of PCs in organizations were still running Windows XP after support ended, leaving IT to figure out how to secure Windows XP and/or find funding to do so.”

According to Windows online support, organizations have three options to choose from. The first one is to start using Windows 8 on all newly bought PCs in the organization. The second option is to avoid Windows 8 installation completely and wait for the release of a newer operating system since Windows 7 would receive support until 2020. The third option is to replace all existing Windows 7 PCs with Windows 8. However, he says it may not be a wise move at this point since users can expect a newer operating system from Microsoft in the near future.

Keynhans says, “The biggest problem that organizations have with upgrading to new Windows releases is ensuring application compatibility. The vast majority of Win32 applications that run on Windows 7 will run on future releases, but having applications is only one component of application compatibility.” He adds, “Many organizations, especially those in industries with

Windows 8 Installation

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government oversight or compliance requirements, require applications to be officially supported by the independent software vendor (ISV) and/or go through validation processes to ensure compatibility. Such organizations may find skipping Windows 8 for most devices makes sense.”

Some of the organizations have slowly started the transition process from Windows 7 after Microsoft’s decision to end the Mainstream support next year. However, it is surprising to find that many organizations still run the outdated Windows XP operating systems on their PCs. Keep in mind that Windows XP support was ended by Microsoft this April.

Windows online support blogs say that using an unsupported operating system could prove to be dangerous and might result in numerous security threats.

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How To Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar From The Computer

Removing Yahoo Toolbar

           Yahoo Toolbar Removal

If you are planning to remove a toolbar or plug in from the browser, here are some instructions to do the same. The steps are relatively easy and quick to get rid of the toolbar.

Removing Yahoo toolbar from the computer

  • Launch the browser that you usually use, for example Google chrome.
  • You will find an icon with Three Lines to the upper right of the browser. Click on the same and from the ensuing menu, you will find the option that says Settings.
  • When you select Settings, a New Tab is opened in the browser that has all the options to Customize the browser in terms of toolbars and extensions.
  • To the left of this new page, you will find various options, select Extensions; this will display all the Extensions and plug ins present in the browser.
  • If you plan to use Yahoo toolbar later, then you have an option to Disable it, but if you plan to remove it completely from the browser, then you need to click on the Delete button that is to the right of the toolbar.
  • If you have any other extension to make changes, then you might do that as well, next you have to click on the option that says Settings.
  • This will give you the options to set the home page, and search page. Click on the section to set the home page. Delete all the home pages displayed in this section and set the home page as Google or any other web page.
  • There is also an option to set the Search Bar, Remove all the other unwanted selections and set Google as the Search Page.
  • When you are done with these, Restart the browser and check if the toolbar has been completely removed.

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You can also remove the toolbar from the Control Panel in order to remove it completely from the computer.

  • Open the Control Panel and open the icon for Add\Remove Programs (this icon is different on different computers; in some OS versions, it is Remove Programs)
  • When you open the Add\Remove Programs window, you will find all the programs installed in the computer. Select the one that you are planning to remove and click on the option labeled Uninstall to remove it completely from the computer.
  • Restart the computer for the changes to become effective and refresh the system with the changes made.

These are the simple steps involved in removing Yahoo toolbar from the browser and the computer. Contact our tech support desk for any further assistance.

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Manually Removing LookSafe Yahoo Search


Yahoo Toolbar Removal

LookSafe Yahoo search is one of the most unsafe search engines that have the capacity to intrude with computers. The search engine navigates through your online activities, hijacks all the browser requests, and drastically changes all the settings of the internet browser. In general, these viruses are designed in such a way that they can commit cyber attacks by dropping the paid ads or dropping the toolbar out of the browser all of a sudden. This happens irrespective of the browser used.

If you are thinking about removing Yahoo toolbar, you need to remove it manually, especially in the case of LookSafe search engine. The usual method of removing it from the browser as an extension or resetting the browser will not be effective. The other usual method of uninstalling it from the Control Panel would also not prove to be effective.

You need to work on the registry keys, find the right registry and delete the same. This is the only way to get rid of LookSafe Yahoo toolbar effectively. Nevertheless, this also requires a solid knowledge about registry keys and the system files to do it right. The risk of deleting the wrong key is very crucial and it is better not to do it if you are not sure.

Here are steps to get rid of Yahoo toolbar from Google Chrome,

  • Open Google Chrome browser and click on the Chrome menu with three lines on the browser toolbar. Select the option for Settings.
  • From the Search section, click on the option labeled Manage Search Engines. Check if the search engine that you prefer is listed under preferred search engines. If it is not, move the mouse pointer and click on one to make it the default search engine.


    Removing Toolbars

  • Delete all other search engines that you are suspicious about and the ones that are not necessary. Click on the X button to remove them.
  • A web address appears when the check box Show Home button is checked. Either you can change the address of the home page to the preferred one or you can leave it as such. To make changes to the link, click on Change.
  • Now Restart the browser for the changes to become effective.

Follow these steps to get rid of Yahoo search bar in case you are not sure about removing it manually. You can either look for support online, try re-installing the browser, or remove Yahoo toolbar from Control Panel, which are alternatives to removing Yahoo toolbar manually.

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