Yahoo Toolbar Removal Directions

Removing Yahoo Toolbar

How To Remove Yahoo Toolbar

Like most other toolbars, Yahoo toolbar also is installed in the web browser when you download and install any third party software application on your PC online. The toolbar gets installed usually when you forget to unselect the checkbox on the installation wizard that asks you whether you wish to install Yahoo toolbar and keep it as the default search engine and home page. However, you will often forget to execute this step as you are mostly in a hurry to install the program.

Instructions For Removing Yahoo toolbar

Yahoo toolbar can be easily removed from your web browser and PC by uninstalling it from the Control Panel. However, some users report that they find the toolbar resurfacing when the web browser is launched. The reason for this could be that the some of the registry values of the toolbar might not have been completely removed from the Windows registry. In such scenarios, you can either make use of a Yahoo toolbar removal tool or try to remove the toolbar from the web browser settings itself. Here is how you can uninstall/disable Yahoo toolbar from your web browser.

Removing Yahoo toolbar from Mozilla Firefox

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox web browser and navigate to the Tools option from the main menu bar.
  • Choose Add-ons from the Tools dropdown list.
  • The Add-ons option will display a submenu. Choose Extensions from the submenu.
  • Locate Yahoo toolbar in the Extensions list.
  • Upon locating the toolbar, highlight it and select Remove.
  • Firefox will prompt you to confirm the deletion of the toolbar. Click Yes to confirm and proceed with the removal.
  • After the toolbar is successfully removed from the browser, restart the browser. This will enable Firefox to make the changes in its settings to take effect immediately.

    Yahoo Toolbar Removal

    Yahoo Toolbar Removal Tool

Yahoo toolbar removal in Google Chrome

  • Launch Chrome and go to the Settings option.
  • When the Settings screen is opened, select Extensions.
  • The Extensions screen contains the list of the toolbars in Chrome. Browse through the list until you find out Yahoo toolbar from it.
  • Highlight the toolbar and disable it. Exit the browser.
  • Reopen Chrome and check whether Yahoo toolbar has been removed.

You have uninstalled Yahoo toolbar from your web browser and PC. It is advised to run a reputed toolbar removal tool as it can help purging all the registry values of the toolbar from your PC and prevent its resurfacing.

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Getting Rid Of Fake Windows Security Alerts In Your System

Windows Online Support

Windows OS Security Tips

Sophisticated hackers are coming up with all kinds of tools to infect the unsuspecting users’ systems. One of the latest tools is called ‘scareware’, which is a new type of malware application designed to create fake Windows Security Alert messages in the system. This will prompt the users to click on the links provided on the error message, which will take them to the fake tech support services and scam sites.

Some tips for removing these fake security alerts from your system

Whenever you see such Windows Security Alerts popping up repeatedly in your system, double-check them by visiting the official Windows online support website to make sure that these are indeed real Windows error messages. If the error codes or the descriptions mentioned for them do not relate to the problem you are having in the OS, then there is a good possibility that you are dealing with a malware infection rather than an OS problem.

This being the case, you need to try to get rid of this malware application before it causes any further damage. You can start by updating your Window OS. You should know that Microsoft releases regular updates for Windows operating system versions. These updates are designed to fix the security flaws in the OS and to make sure that it is well defended against hacking attacks and malware infections.

So, you need to connect your system to the Windows online support server every now and then and make sure that all the essential OS updates are installed in your system. This is the best defence against the type of malware infections that affect the OS performance.

Windows Error Messages

Contact Windows Support

Also, you need to make sure that you are using the latest antivirus and antimalware applications with up-to-date virus definitions. This will ensure that the malware is detected and removed as soon as it enters your system. This reduces the chances of malware getting into any of the system files, resulting in the OS error messages.

In some rare cases, it might be too late to repair the damage. If the system files in your OS have become already corrupt, you might continue to receive the Windows Security Alerts even after removing the malware applications. If this is the case, then you might have to reinstall the OS or restore it to an earlier System Restore point.

It is best to guard your system against such malware infections in the first place, rather than worrying about repairing the damage after the infection.

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Mainstream Support For Windows 7 To End On January 13

Windows Online Support

Windows Support

Windows 7, the most popular operating system at present, is the most used OS in the world. The software company has warned Windows 7 users that the operating system’s mainstream support is about to end soon on January 13.

Many Windows 7 users might be expecting a change of mind from the software maker like what happened with Windows XP many times in the past. Windows XP, the most popular OS in the last decade, survived end of support many times by receiving extensions. This may not happen with Windows 7 mainly because the software giant wants to promote the latest Windows OS, Windows 8/8.1.

Now, there is no real reason for Windows 7 users to panic. This is mainly because the end of Mainstream support is not like what happened with Windows XP. When it comes to Windows XP, it was end of support. Windows XP will not be receiving any Windows online support, technical assistance or feature updates, either for free or paid subscriptions. Windows 7 users will continue receiving the security packages as before. If they wish to avail other support features, they can subscribe for that till 2020. So, there is no real reason to worry for Windows 7 users in anyway.

However, there are many experts and tech wizards around the globe saying that the software maker may be forced to postpone the end of date for another few months. This is a very strong possibility, though there are no signs from the company suggesting such a decision from their side. This has happened many times from the software maker with Windows XP. Windows 7 is as popular as Windows XP when its end of support and end of mainstream support was announced. Going by the trend, Windows 7 may receive some extension.

End Of Mainstream Support

End Of Windows 7 Support

Even if Windows 7 mainstream support will end, you can avail the Windows online support, technical assistance and other services by subscribing to their support service. You can also move on to Windows 8, if you want advanced features and various other new things that have been introduced through Windows 8.

Windows 8 is arguably one of the most modern, advanced and refreshingly different Windows OS till date. Though the OS has received some criticisms for the drastic changes being brought in, users will eventually feel at home and learn to love the features. The choice is yours; Windows 7 is still good.

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Instructions To Remove Yahoo Toolbar

Removing Yahoo Toolbar

Remove Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo toolbar gets installed in the computer along with applications from Yahoo such as Yahoo Messenger. However, it is a productivity enhancer that is compatible with browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It has been around for about ten years and has evolved since its inception. The toolbar also includes buttons that direct to Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter, News and many more. Yahoo toolbar also helps the users to bookmark and manage pages.

Though it is helpful in many ways, it is evident that it reduces the browsing speed of the browser. Most of the users have complained that with the Yahoo toolbar, their browsing speed reduces a lot. Hence, there have been many requests for a set of simple instructions to help people in removing Yahoo toolbar. Follow these instructions to easily remove Yahoo toolbar from the computer.

Instructions to remove Yahoo toolbar from Chrome

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Click on the Settings button.
  • From the Settings menu, click on the Extensions option.
  • From the list, find Yahoo Toolbar. To the right you would find the Delete button. Click on the same to remove the toolbar.
  • Restart the browser.

Instructions To Remove Yahoo Toolbar From Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • To the top of the window, you will find the Tools option.
  • Click on the same and from the menu, select the Add-ons option.
  • From the list, look for Yahoo Toolbar, click on the same and then the Delete button.
  • Restart the browser.

Instructions To Remove Yahoo Toolbar From The Computer

  • Go to the desktop, click on the Start button to the lower left of the screen.
  • From the Start menu, click on Control Panel.
  • This will open the Control Panel window. Find the Add\Remove Programs option from this window. Double click on the icon.

    Yahoo Toolbar Removal

    Toolbar Removal Utility

  • This will open up the Add\Remove Programs window, with the list of programs and software installed in the computer.
  • Look for Yahoo Toolbar from the list and select the same.
  • Now click on the Uninstall button.
  • You will have to go through a number of prompts to complete the process of removing Yahoo toolbar.
  • Restart the computer for the changes to become effective.

In case you are unable to perform the Yahoo toolbar removal, you may use a third party toolbar removal tool.

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Windows XP Support Ceased, Yet Many Users Sticking To It

Windows Online Support

        Windows Online Support And Help

It is hard to imagine that an Operating System existed for over thirteen years. Windows XP did the impossible. Microsoft finally removed it from the supported products list. But, even after the end of Windows online support, end of technical assistance and end of any kind of support associated with the old operating system, there are millions still consider it ok to risk their systems by using the old OS. It is very surprising how Windows XP survived so long and so many users are still finding it good enough to continue using it.

After Windows XP, Microsoft had launched Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and now, the latest Windows 10 will be released next year. It is hard to believe that even after so many versions Windows XP is still the third most popular operating system as per the recent OS share. It is hard to analyze what this means, Windows XP is so good or it is just habit.

However, it looks like there is a reason why people still love it. This article will attempt to discuss some of the main reasons why Windows XP is popular, even after its death.  It seems no end of Windows online support is going to stop ardent Windows XP fans and millions of users from using the old Windows OS. Actually, some of it can be attributed to familiarity and habit. If you are accustomed to using a particular thing, you more often prefer that thing over something new. This is a common and very normal human psychology. Windows XP OS formed a part of life for many users. It is hard to let go of it for many, either for sentimental reasons or due to habit.

Windows XP OS

           Windows Online Support Ends

Another possible reason why Windows XP found so much success, popularity and long life can be because of the awfulness called Windows Vista. Windows Vista is worseness incarnated. Even the creator of the operating system software would agree with this. When Vista was launched and was famously criticized as horrible, Windows XP gained more popularity. Most Windows XP users never even considered switching to Vista.

Though the reasons to stick to an old and unsupported system are understandable, it is in no way logical. An unsupported system is not only harmful to the users, but it can also harm non-Windows XP users. This is because when Windows XP users connect to the network and they spread the harmful malware their systems are carrying to non-XP users.

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