Updating Device Drivers From Internet For Windows XP

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               Windows XP Drivers

Drivers are necessary in a computer to make the communication between the hardware and the software effective. Therefore, for all the hardware connected to the computer it requires software application and its supporting driver. Most of them come pre-installed with the Windows XP, while some of them would be unavailable. Nevertheless, there is an alternative; you can search the internet for Windows online support solutions for the same.

Some of the driver software also comes in the CD along with OS. Some of the drivers available in the disk would be for webcam, network connections, etc. Whenever you have a missing driver in the computer, you can look into the CD first and install the suitable one.

When you search for drivers, you need to type the required driver’s name along with the operating system that you have installed in the computer. It is important to search with the operating system version because not all drivers are compatible with all computer OS. Here are few instructions as to how to find a suitable driver.

  • Click on the Start Menu to the lower left of the desktop and click on the option Control Panel. When the icons are in Classic View, click on the Administrative Tools. If it is in Category View, click on Administrative Tools from Performance And Maintenance.
  • On the shortcut icon of Computer Management, double click and then from the Systems Tools, click on the Device Manager.
  • To view all the driver software, click on the Plus Sign to expand. To open the Properties of a particular tab, right click on the Driver. Now, go to the tab, Driver.

    Driver Software

                          Online Help And Support

  • Now, click on the Update Driver Button, this would automatically start a search online for a suitable driver or an update for the same. There are two options to choose such as Yes, now and every time I connect a device or Yes, this time only. Choose any one of these radio buttons, and to continue click on the Next option.
  • Do not click on the option Install The Software Automatically and then click on Next to continue. While Windows looks for the Windows Update website, you need to wait until it finds the right software.
  • Click on Next and follow the onscreen prompts. In case, Windows drivers are up-to-date, it will not list any further updates.

This way, you can get Windows online support to search for a suitable driver from the internet.

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OmniTech Support Windows 7: Windows Easy Transfer

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Removing Babylon Toolbar From Chrome Browser

Remove Babylon Toolbar

              About Malware Toolbar

If you don’t pay enough attention when installing new programs in your system, it will soon be flooded with unnecessary malware applications and toolbar add-ons. Many software developers bundle their less popular products with widely used ones. This is their way of sneaking a new software into your system.

How to remove Babylon toolbar

One such annoying malware application is the Babylon browser add-on. Some of you might have installed it thinking that it is a very useful translator application. Interestingly, it is, but Babylon toolbar is also a malware application that hijacks the browser and changes many of the custom settings. So, it is better to remove Babylon toolbar and use some other translator application for your needs.

Since it is a malware application, you have to be very thorough when it comes to the un-installation process. If not, you will see it back on your browser. After you remove Babylon toolbar, you need to reset the browser settings or at least change those settings altered by the malware, and delete all the system files associated with the program.

To remove the add-on from Google Chrome browser, click on the icon marked by three parallel lines on the right upper corner. On the context menu that appears, click on the option Settings to launch the browser settings page. Here, click on the option Extensions shown on the left side navigation pane.

Search Engine Settings

          Removing Babylon Toolbar

All the extensions and add-ons in Google Chrome will now be displayed in a new page. Select Babylon toolbar add-on you see there and click on the trash bin icon you see right next to it. Confirm the add-on removal, if you are prompted to do so.

Also, check the installed programs list from your Control Panel. If the Babylon toolbar is shown there, you have to remove this as well. As already mentioned, you have to reset the browser to its default settings. Some of you may prefer not to do this, as you will have some useful data stored in the browser like bookmarks, browsing history, and so on. In such cases, you need to change the Homepage and Search Engine settings in your browser.

The malware application would have changed these settings to the Babylon domain. Replace it with any other preferred website and save the new settings. If you have any doubts about this, contact our tech support personnel for assistance.

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Instructions For Removing Frontier Yahoo Toolbar

Removing Yahoo Toolbar

      How To Remove Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo, the popular search engine, offers independent toolbars as well as integrated toolbars. An integrated Yahoo toolbar lets you enjoy the Yahoo toolbar features as well as the services offered by the integrated program. Frontier Yahoo toolbar is an ideal example of how an integrated Yahoo toolbar works and what services you can expect from such a toolbar.

Frontier Yahoo toolbar features

Frontier Yahoo toolbar lets you access a large number of web based services such as social networking sites, news feeds, weather reports, market statistics and many more. All that you need to do in order to access a particular service is to click the dedicated button. Based on your preference, you can customize your Frontier Yahoo Toolbar.

How to disable Frontier Yahoo toolbar?

Users are totally free to decide whether to continue using Frontier Yahoo toolbar or not. If anyone decides to not to have it on his browser, he can uninstall it just like removing Yahoo toolbar. There is no problem at all and it is not going to affect your browsing.

As you know, the steps for removing Frontier Yahoo toolbar are similar to removing Yahoo toolbar. You can uninstall it from the Control Panel settings. If you aren’t familiar with the steps for the same, follow the instructions given below.


  • Turn on your PC and go to the Start button.
  • Locate Control Panel in resulting menu and click it to open.
  • When the Control Panel screen is displayed, find out the Programs and Features icon in it and double-click it to open. Again, in the Programs and Features window, locate Programs icon and click on the link that says Uninstall a program. You can see this link beneath the Programs icon.

    Social Networking Sites

                 Yahoo Toolbar Removal

  • Windows will display the list of installed programs and updates now.
  • Find out Frontier Yahoo toolbar in the list. You may scroll down the list if you don’t see the toolbar in the first place.
  • Now, after locating the toolbar, highlight it and select Uninstall.
  • Click Yes if you are prompted to confirm your decision to uninstall the toolbar.
  • Follow the onscreen direction to complete the removal.

With the help of the instructions given above, you should have successfully uninstalled Frontier Yahoo toolbar from your PC. It is recommended to reboot your PC after the completion of the toolbar removal to let the changes made in the Control Panel settings take effect.

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Steps To Disable Sleep Mode In Windows And Mac Operating Systems

Windows Online Support

Sleep Mode In Windows

You might be watching the climax scene of your favorite movie on Netflix when the computer suddenly goes to the sleep mode. This could be very annoying. According to Windows online support, the sleep mode in computers is set to save power when there is no activity on the computer for a certain period. Most operating systems go into the sleep mode when you do not touch the mouse or keyboard for a certain period. There are certain techniques by which you could prevent this from happening. In this post, we will take you through the steps involved in this process.

Steps Involved

  • Right click anywhere on the desktop and choose the option Personalize from the menu that comes up.
  • In the window for Personalization, select the option Screen Saver. You can find this below the option Personalize Appearance and Sounds.
  • Under the tab Power Management, choose the option Change Power Settings.
  • Choose the option Change Plan Settings.
  • Locate the option for Turn off the display and select the arrow next to it. From the drop down box, choose the option Never.
  • Next, select the window next to the option Put the computer to sleep. From the drop down box, select the option Never.
  • Choose the option Save Changes and this will save the changes made to the settings.

The above steps will help you to turn off the Sleep option in Windows operating systems. If you are using a Mac computer, you may follow the steps below to turn off the sleep mode.

Operating Systems

Windows OS Upgrade

  • Choose the Apple button on your screen and then go to System Preferences.
  • Choose the option Energy Saver found under the menu System Preferences.
  • Select the tab Sleep.
  • For the option Put the computer to sleep when inactive for: select Never by moving the slider.
  • Similarly, choose Never for the option Put the display to sleep when inactive for:
  • Close the menu for Energy Saver and this will make the changes take effect.

With the above steps, you can disable the sleep mode in Mac computers. Keep in mind that sleep mode is very helpful to save power and therefore, remember to enable this option once you finish watching the movie or program. For further assistance on this issue, Windows operating system users may contact Windows online support and Mac users may contact the Mac help center.

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