3 Problems Requiring Professional Washer Repairs

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Having a washer and dryer in your home is not only a convenience, but it is a necessity because everyone needs to have clean clothes to wear. If your washer isn’t working properly, then your clothes may not be getting as clean as they should, leaving them looking dingy or even smelling awful. If you’re having one of these problems with your washer, a professional repairman can service it so it works properly again.

Makes Noise

Anytime a machine makes loud or odd noises when it shouldn’t, then you know something must be wrong with it. If your washer seems excessively loud, the drum could be off balance, which you can easily remedy yourself stopping the cycle and rearranging the clothes in the drum. However, if the noises continue, you should contact a company specializing in appliance repair St. Peters MO to have it checked out.

Doesn’t Drain

Even though the washer may have gone through its complete cycle, sometimes there may be water still in the drum. If there is water left in the washer, then you will need to call for an appliance repairman to determine what is wrong with it and fix it, if possible. In some cases, the washer’s pump may need to be replaced so your washer works properly again.

No Agitation

If your washer has filled with water, but it hasn’t started agitating, then you may need to call for repairs. You can try to get the washer to start working correctly by pressing the safety switch, but if it doesn’t, that could indicate one of several possible issues. The washer’s belt may have broken or one of the electronic parts has failed and needs to be replaced.

A trained appliance repairman can quickly diagnose and repair most problems with a washer or your other household appliances.