How Many Steps does Your Boat Dock Ladder Need?

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If your home or vacation house is on a lake, then you may have a dock on the water. While it can be a lot of fun jumping off the dock to go swimming, climbing into a rowboat, canoe or kayak can difficult for some people. However, if you choose the right ladder, then it will be easier for you and your family to go boating or climb onto the dock after swimming.

Boat dock ladders come in varying lengths and styles. Most dock ladders come in five different step configurations, from 3-step ladders up to 7-step ladders. When you are ready to order one, you will need to gather some simple measurements to determine the right configuration for your dock.

There is a simple equation to determine how many steps your dock ladder should have. First, you will need to know the height, in inches, between the dock and water. Then you will need to know how the depth of the water.

Once you have these figures, you will add the height of the dock above the water and the depth of the water. So, height above water + water depth = A.  Then you will divide the total, A, by the height of the step, which can vary, but in this case, it would be 8”.  A/8” = the number of steps your ladder should be.

The result of the equation should be rounded up in order to purchase a ladder that will be easy to use whether you’re getting out of the water after swimming or climbing down to your boat. In the above equation, if A = 38”, you would take 38/8 to determine the number of steps needed. The result would be 4.75, so you would round the result up and order a 5-step ladder for your dock.