Windows Network Connection Troubleshooting

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Setting up a wireless network connection for small businesses in windows is fairly easy. But sometimes you may experience fluctuations in the network connection; the reason for this problem is a simple one. Sometimes a poor network connection is the reason for the above problem. Besides this, a damaged modem, or any imperfection in the network configuration, also results in poor or no network connectivity. By following some simple troubleshooting methods, one can easily troubleshoot problems within the network configuration settings, in the Windows operating system.

Crafted beneath are the pointers from the Windows online Support panel, to troubleshoot a windows wireless network connection.


  • Turn on your windows based computer system. Now bring up the startup menu by clicking the start button, which is normally seen in the lower left corner of your desktop screen. Now select the control panel option from the startup menu. This opens up a new control panel window.
  • Now select the Network and Internet connection option from the control panel window.
  • Then you can check the status of your network connection. For this, select network connections from the new window and make a click on it. Now locate the wireless network that you wish to examine, from the displayed connections list. If the network driver is not properly installed, then you may not able to see the network connection in the connections list.

Even after carrying out the above method, if the problem still persists then continue repairing by following the below instructions.

  • Click the windows start button to call up the startup menu. Now right click on my
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    windows operating system

    computer option to select Device manager option. This opens up a computer manager window. Now select device manager from the left side of the window.

  • Now right-click the network adapter option to call up a sub menu and then select the properties option from it. The status of the device can be easily studied from the general tab. Sometimes you may encounter some issues while checking the status of your network adapter then navigate to the driver tab followed by hitting the update driver button.
  • Now select the troubleshoot option and provide the prompted information correctly to determine the issues with the windows wireless connection.

With these we come to the close of instructions from the Windows Online Support crew for configuring wireless network settings in windows operating system. Thank you!