Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues In Outlook Express

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Outlook Express comes pre-installed with Windows XP computers as the default email client. It helps users to manage their webmail accounts in an organized manner, and saves all the communications to the devices automatically for ease of access. The emails downloaded and stored in the computer via Outlook Express can be read even without an active internet connection. However, some common Outlook Express problems like errors in downloading or saving the emails, or issues while connecting to the email server annoy users a lot.

Sometimes, the firewall protection on the computer restricts Outlook Express from connecting to the email server and downloading the emails to the device. Though Windows XP offers an excellent protection from viruses and hackers, many users employ a third party malware protection program on their computers to maximize the system security. Norton Antivirus is such an anti malware program that offers several layers of firewall to provide optimum protection. If you have installed a Norton Antivirus program in your computer, follow the below given steps to allow the email client application link to the email server, and resolve the minor Outlook Express problems associated with connectivity issues.


  • Close all the applications running on your computer and launch the Norton Antivirus program.
  • Click on the Tasks and Settings button located at the top of the application window, and select Change Advanced Settings from the resulting menu.
  • Go to the Firewall Protection Settings tab in the subsequent screen, and navigate to the Programs section in the left.
  • Locate Outlook Express from the list and click once over it to highlight the entry.
  • Click on the Allow button to permit the program to work flawlessly. Select Apply and click on Close when done.
  • Restart your computer, and launch Outlook Express application upon system reboot.
  • Click on the Send/Receive button located on the menu bar to confirm that the program links to the email server without any hitches.

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The above steps clarify how to deal with minor Outlook Express problems related to errors in connecting to the email sever. It is advised to ‘Allow’ genuine programs to pass through the firewall when installing them. It will minimize the chances of any connectivity issues. However, be sure to keep your system secured with appropriate malware protection, and do not simply disable or uninstall the program to allow other applications work properly.