How To Remove A Web Browser Toolbar From The Computer

Removing Yahoo toolbar

      Remove Yahoo toolbar

There are many toolbars and browser extensions, which help in easy navigation to different websites and help to improve the overall browsing experience. However, some malicious toolbars and add-ons bring along viruses and malware to the system, and disrupt the overall performance of the computer. Apart from that, these malicious toolbars take control of the internet browser entirely, pop-up annoying ad windows, and alter the home page to their domain.

Such internet browser extensions have created doubts in the minds of users and users feel uncomfortable with toolbars. The same rule applies for genuine toolbars as that offered by Yahoo, Bing, and Google as well. Therefore, if you are looking for methods to remove a toolbar from your computer, follow the below given steps for the task. Here we will discuss about removing Yahoo toolbar using the Control Panel utility.


  • Close the web browser on your computer if it is running and launch the Start menu.
  • Click on the Control Panel link in the menu, and select Add/Remove Programs in the resulting window.
  • When the Add/Remove Programs window is fully populated with all the installed applications on your computer, scroll through the list to locate the Yahoo toolbar.
  • Highlight the entry and click on the Change/Remove button present on the right side of the selection bar.
  • You may be prompted for confirmation to remove the toolbar from your computer. Click Yes to continue.
  • When the uninstallation process is completed, Windows will pop-up a message on your screen saying Yahoo toolbar is successfully removed.
  • Restart your computer to finish the procedure.
Toolbars and browser extensions

         Toolbar removing software

The above steps show you how to remove the Yahoo toolbar from your computer. It is advised to run an antivirus scan on your computer after removing Yahoo toolbar, as uninstalling a toolbar from Control Panel may leave behind some files and registry entries on the system. In addition to that, make sure that you change the home page of your web browser to its default.

You can use the same steps to uninstall any web browser add-on from your computer. However, the above process may fail if the installed toolbar is corrupted. In such cases, use a toolbar removal program to uninstall the add-on properly. Toolbar removal software also delete the invalid registry keys and malicious entries that are invited to the system automatically.

Consult tech support personnel to learn more about genuine and effective toolbar removal applications.