Outlook error fixes recommended by the Windows online support team

It has been found that when you upgrade from XP to Vista, like many of the other software and hardware devices, Outlook 2007 also tend to malfunction. The Vista problems can also trigger invalid XML files and you cannot start Outlook in most cases. The Windows online support team has solutions for these Outlook errors. This article covers those solutions.

The Windows online support team points out the Outlook errors

After upgradation to Vista, if you cannot start Outlook due to any reasons, the Windows online support team suggests you to check some basic factors. They are:

  • Is your Vista and Outlook 2007 compatible?
  • Have you downloaded the latest Vista update patches?
  • Is any of your third party application causing the issue?

If the answer for the first two is Yes and the last one is No, it means that your Outlook needs repair for its normal functioning. The Windows online support team says that Microsoft Office has an inbuilt repair feature, which can restore Outlook. The steps for running the repair feature are as follows:

  • Go to Control Panel and select Uninstall a Program.  
  • The Windows online support team suggests you to select the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 program and choose the Change, Repair and Continue option.
  • This tool will automatically repair the errors. Restart the system after the repair.
  • Now, the Windows online support team asks you to launch Outlook 2007 as usual.
  • Select Office Diagnosis from Help.
  • Click on Start Diagnosis and the tool will repair Outlook.
  • Restart Outlook after the repair.

The Windows online support team assures that any minor errors will be repaired and Vista will start functioning normally. If you are unable to repair Outlook and cannot figure out the probable cause, you can always contact the Windows online support team.

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